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Leading Platform Builder Hitfox Rebrands As IONIQ Group

● IONIQ Group continues to shape Europe’s digital future
● Platform building as a proven success model for digital transformation
● Goal for 2019: Reaching a total portfolio value of one billion euro

Berlin, 29 April 2019. The Berlin-based platform builder and investor HitFox Group will be operating under the new name IONIQ Group, starting in May 2019. With its new slogan “Shaping Europe’s digital future”, IONIQ is establishing itself as one of the key drivers of the digital Europe of tomorrow. The group’s unique approach to platform building has proven to be a successful model for the digital transformation of entire industries. The IONIQ Group expects the companies it has founded to exceed a total portfolio value of one billion euros in 2019.

“Over the last couple of years, HitFox Group has become the leading platform builder, most recently shown in the areas of fintech and digital health, through the establishment of finleap and Heartbeat Labs. Our rebranding reflects the further sharpening of the focus of our group, which has developed into a well-established player on the international stage,” said Jan Beckers, Founder and Executive Chairman of IONIQ Group.

In developing its digital platforms, IONIQ relies on its many years of entrepreneurial experience, industry-specific expertise, and proven competence in scaling processes. The group has proceeded methodically in this regard, industry by industry. In 2011, IONIQ started off by focusing on the international data and advertising market. From 2014 on, with finleap, IONIQ developed the leading fintech platform in Europe. Since 2017, IONIQ is driving the digitalization of the healthcare market with its digital health platform Heartbeat Labs. To date, IONIQ Group has built more than 20 companies with over 1,200 employees around the world.

“Our mission is to develop world-class digital companies, out of Europe”, explained Dr. Johannes Keienburg, CEO of IONIQ Group. “Europe has always had strong entrepreneurs and engineers who have passionately immersed themselves in the success-critical details of their respective industries. We are bringing these qualities into the digital age and are catalyzing the digital transformation of Europe with our industry-specific platforms.”

“We have been actively practicing company building while continually evolving our model since 2011. Today, we are the only platform builder globally that has successfully established multiple industry-specific platforms,” added Hendrik Krawinkel, Co-Founder and CFO of the IONIQ Group.

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